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Welcome to Classic Car Dashes!

We specialize in Reproduction and Replacement Dash Pads for many of your favorite Cars, Trucks and SUV’s. At Classic Car Dashes we understand that replacing a dash pad in any vehicle can be a difficult and time consuming adventure, even for the best do-it-yourselfers. The last thing you want after you’ve spent what can be many hours and great energy removing your original dash pad is to find that your new one doesn’t fit!

Classic Car Dashes eliminates that worry by bringing you the finest dash pads available in today’s automotive aftermarket. Our philosophy is simple, if it doesn’t fit we won’t sell it. Every pad we offer is manufactured as close as possible to original specs and in many cases surpass what came from the factory. Remember, these are complete pads, not simple “glue on” covers that typically detach in a short period of time.

Classic Car Dashes offers two types of Dash Pads. First is what we refer to as “Reproductions”. These pads are made using the same materials and processes that were used originally. Each consists of a vinyl or ABS outer skin, a rigid substrate and a foamed core. Some are even produced from the Original Tooling that was used on the factory floor. If you are looking for a true OEM Style Pad, then the Reproduction Pads are your ticket.

The second style are “Replacement” dash pads. But don’t think for a minute that these pads don’t look and fit like the originals, they are simply manufactured using different materials and processes. The Replacement dash pads consist of a rigid substrate and a self-skinning urethane material. We can’t technically call them Reproductions because of the process but they are pretty darn close! One distinct advantage of the urethane pads is that they are much easier to manufacture and will cost you less than a reproduction pad. And they are also more resistant to sun damage.

Classic Car Dashes hold all of our manufacturers to a very high standard, including ourselves. And here’s an added bonus …. Every dash pad, Reproduction or Replacement, is manufactured in the USA! Yes, there are import dashes available on the market, but we have yet to find one that compares in quality for both fit and appearance to the ones you’ll find here at Classic Car Dashes.

Again, thanks for visiting us and we look forward to serving you!


Classic Car Dashes